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How to Make your Message ‘POP’ and Attract More Volunteers

When it comes to being in the nonprofit world, we know just how important it is to have the right amount of volunteers on-deck helping and supporting the mission as well as making the impossible actually happen!
A major fundraising event is around the corner and you need a large volunteer crew. As the event draws closer, you realize you don’t have enough hands to help. You panic and send out urgent emails and texts to family, friends and everyone else you know hoping to get enough volunteers to respond. Some do, begrudgingly.

Talk, They Will Hear You: Winding Down the Year with Strategies to Boost Membership

Click on the websites of credit unions across the country or flip through any industry publication and you’ll see that it has been a busy year. With membership drives, the launch of new digital platforms, communication initiatives, philanthropic efforts and yes, a bit of behind-the-scenes fun, credit unions are making a statement by growing their membership and gaining ground in the financial industry. As you kickoff September, it may be time to evaluate how far you’ve come this year and whether you’re PR and marketing strategies are helping you meet your goal of attracting new members. If you got off to a slow start and your efforts haven’t quite paid off, there’s still time to implement a few proven communications trends to help get you back on track.

Turning Community Recognition into Brand Awareness: How to Get Greater Recognition for Your Community Efforts

Let’s face it, businesses aren’t doing things to benefit the community just to get recognition (or so they shouldn’t be). But doesn’t it help to know that an organization’s continuous support for the community can be recognized, even applauded, so that more people are inspired to get involved?

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