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Jennifer Vickery

President and CEO
Specialities and Superpowers

My specialty is combining business know-how with public relations and marketing. I’ve been an owner of multiple PR agencies since 2006 and really understand the business side of operations. Couple that together with PR in addition to an outstanding team, we have complete coverage for our clients.

A Little Bit About Me

I love business, news, animals, physical fitness and life! I was destined to be in PR.

What I Love Most About My Job

Media interviews are probably one of my favorite aspects! I love seeing a business become well-known for doing something great in the community and getting a ton of positive media coverage from it!

When I'm Not At Work

I’m either playing tennis, doing crossfit, and hanging out with my family and dogs.

One Thing Most People Don't Know About Me

I’m vegetarian and have been for more than a decade. I’m also a techie. I like to have the latest smartwatch, for example, and know the coolest tech gadgets out there.

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