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Florida Orthopaedic Institute Talks Summer Injuries With WTSP News Channel 10 5/28/17

Orthopedic surgeon blames heat, hoverboards for summer rise in broken bones

Hotter days means kids will be suffering more injuries due to exhaustion, experts warn.

This week marks the unofficial start to summer.

That means more kids are out having fun, but that also means more kids are heading to the emergency room.

According to the nonprofit Safe Kids Worldwide, 50 children go to the emergency room every hour, many of them with broken bones or head injuries.

Dr. Seung Yi is a sports medicine orthopedic surgeon with Florida Orthopaedic Institute.

During the summer, he sees more kids breaking bones and getting injured. One of the reasons, he says, is the hot temperatures.

“Their muscles are fatiguing a little bit quicker, putting them at a higher risk of developing some kind of injury or some kind of fall that otherwise they might have not had, had they been at their top condition,” says Yi.

Sometimes these scorching temps can surprise us, so parents may not be prepared.

“It hasn’t fully kicked in yet that were reaching these temps of 100 degrees, and it’s getting much hotter,” says Yi.

Craig Johnson says he always keeps his 3-year-old son hydrated at the park.

“We just have to supervise them,” says Johnson.

Weather isn’t the only concern this summer.

“Nowadays with the upcoming hoverboards and skateboards, more kids are getting injuries from those. Wheeled sports can have a lot of dangerous consequences,” says Yi.

Yes, hoverboards. Yi says some kids don’t even bother with the helmets, so they end up with a broken wrist or leg.

“It’s very important,” he says. “At a young age, you have a developing brain, so you want to protect that as much as possible, so you want to make sure you’re wearing helmets for any wheeled sports.”

Because It’s not a matter of “if” kids are going to fall, it’s “when.”

So remember, protection and hydration.

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