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#PRFail? How to Build Brand Equity and Your Business

New growth and opportunities to build your brand drive everything you do. Success depends on your ability to communicate great ideas to reach, engage and influence others. Yet, when you look at your list of upcoming products, services or events, does every idea seems to be missing that ‘wow factor?’

Most companies have enormous capacity for generating amazing PR and marketing momentum, but without the right culture, so many of those opportunities go unnoticed. This could be stopping your company in its tracks from achieving warranted growth and recognition.

Fortunately, PR and marketing implementation can help you instill a brand awareness culture, which can solve the three most common challenges to generating awareness for your business.

Your team has a hard time generating compelling ideas

You don’t have the time to do everything yourself. You need to create a culture where team members are equally focused on the importance of PR. Everyone may have a great idea, but sometimes it’s a matter of getting the team to think in PR terms. Let us help rally your team’s ideas and energy. We’ll infuse renewed energy into your team and share our media savvy approach. This will guide your team toward becoming comfortable at developing solid launches and ideas for achieving media coverage, social media gains, community partnerships and more overall awareness for your organization.

Your marketing does not create enough opportunities for the organization

Does the business have a strategy for targeting and developing relationships with your wish list journalists, reporters or anchors? Do you have a person dedicated to the role of building your company’s reputation? The days of relying on cold calling and old fashioned press releases are done. Your company may be better served by implementing a multi-network marketing machine that aligns with your strategy and competitive selling points. We’ll help you communicate through the networks that demonstrate your importance and drive new opportunities.

You question whether your company is building brand equity

Has your brand evolved its positioning to demonstrate your relevance in our socially connected world? Companies build brand equity when their products/services become recognizable. Think Coke, Starbucks, McDonald’s. We can work with you to create a forward-thinking platform that will allow you to develop brand recognition and profitable outcomes.

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