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What’s Your Marketing Stress Level?
Answer the quiz! Then add up your score at the end. A’s = 1 point, B’s = 3 points, C’s = 2 points.

1. You have a great event coming up that will really help people and highlight your organization. You want as many people as possible to attend. You:
a. Start freaking out because you know events are hard to get RSVP’s for and you never know what to expect.
b. Easily create a social media event, eblast, social posts and media announcement quickly and efficiently while knowing what to delegate to have excellent team support.
c. Immediately create some marketing tools to track RSVPs, and start a communications plan to get the message out about the event on a scheduled basis; however, you know events can be very tough to manage.

2. You have a press release that needs media coverage. You know this is a good one but it needs some enhancements. You:
a. Start with the editing process but stress because you know that this will need to go through several rounds of approval and you’re tight on time. You start to imagine hearing the clock ticking!
b. Quickly develop a strong pitch that entices the media outlet and enhances the message. You’ve got this!
c. Decide that the press release needs a few pertinent changes but otherwise can go to media and that you’ll hop on the phones to make the coverage happen.

3. Just finding out that your organization has a major industry-changing announcement coming up. You:
a. Say what?! I didn’t know this was happening. Why do these types of things come down the pipeline at the busiest times of year?
b. Say how exciting and become elated with finding out more details. Your wheels begin spinning immediately and plans begin developing on how you will tackle this announcement.
c. Say this is do-able and start asking questions. You experience some stress as you need to shift some projects out of the way to address this one first.

4. It’s 5:30 p.m. and you just got wind of a deadline for an advertisement that is due tonight. You’re just finding out about the deadline and you:
a. Start sweating. You need to write stellar copy and come up with graphic design quickly but aren’t sure where to begin. Did your stomach just growl too?
b. Look at the clock and begin to fearlessly embrace the challenge. You have copywriting flowing from your mind and know that inspiring graphic design will soon match.
c. Grit your teeth but get the copy and graphics done well.

5. Your Vice President just informed you of a fundraiser coming up that your organization is sponsoring. She wants to know what can be done to maximize awareness of this sponsorship. You:
a. Start asking for contact information for the philanthropy and are thinking of the best usage of their logo but aren’t quite sure what else can be done beyond that.
b. Whip together your research skills, get a thorough understanding of the nonprofit, start planning potential media coverage that could really showcase the good that this nonprofit is able to do in partnership with your organization.
c. Plan for a conference call with leadership to find out more.

6. Your company has tasked you with re-creating marketing materials that are a bit outdated. You:
a. Really dislike marketing material creation because you know how tedious the task is and how daunting it can be.
b. Really enjoy marketing material creation and thought it was about time for a re-do and already have had some ideas jotted down.
c. Really are ready to take on the task but know it will require heavy marketing lifting.

7. You’re in a meeting and learn that a department is wanting to do some video to communicate their message. You:
a. Start thinking of that time that you wished you had taken that video editing course…(sigh).
b. Know that you can easily create video with simple equipment and you have knowledge of a great editing tool. You begin plotting the shot list and interview questions with ease.
c. Are comfortable with the technology but know that the process will be a heavy one.

8. The phone rings first thing in the a.m. and upon answering you find out that a reporter wants to do a story on your organization’s recent leadership change. You:
a. Aren’t sure whether it’s a positive or negative thing since leadership change might be perceived as something unstable and you start to do some major nail biting.
b. Are sure that no matter the reporter’s angle, you can handle this and start prepping talking points.
c. Are weary of the intention of the interview but start to make plans for the worst case scenario.

9. Your Chief Marketing Officer wants to do an eblast series TODAY about a new service that is launching in the next 30 days. You:
a. Start thinking about what it will take to build a time machine, a cloning machine, or a combination of both along with where to find a genie in a bottle.
b. Kick off your shoes and get comfortable knowing you have a process for building out messaging for 30 day launches and start getting up to speed on the service.
c. Change your shirt after a few hours of stress due to some sweat, but in the end it all works out well.

10. Your company regularly participates in philanthropy. There are many events and efforts taking place on an ongoing basis. You:
a. Know that these efforts are taking place and wish that someone would tell you more about it.
b. Take charge by tasking a philanthropy contact point in each department and ask them to snap photos while sending calendar invites to communicate with you regularly.
c. Take a few initiatives happening and highlight them with the thought that it would be impossible to share any more than the few by yourself.

11. You are looking at quarterly goals and you want to make sure your organization is meeting marketing initiatives but also that it is having an impact on revenue.
a. Revenue…I don’t do math.
b. Revenue…The proof is in the bottom line and thoughtfully start coming up with charts to showcase marketing’s impact.
c. Revenue…Not an area I particularly like but I understand its essential relationship to my efforts.

12. You know that you have to come up with some social media posts that are captivating but you also have a laundry list of other projects that need to get done.
a. You count the amount of posts that need to be done and quickly draft messages that are succinct knowing that at least something will be put online.
b. You always have compelling questions and intriguing post ideas rattling around and are ready for the challenge. Plus you stay up-to-date on the latest trends, so this will be fun!
c. You need to do some research on in-depth areas to create some posts but you have a handle on what your audience will respond to.

Score of 12-15 points?…Stress-a-holic. You’re experiencing serious stress levels when it comes to marketing. Perhaps you have too much on your plate and its really starting to stack up. But have no fear, delegation and strategy will help your stress levels ease a bit. Try hiring National Strategies PR as your outsourced agency and watch the partnership make your stress melt away. You might even begin to feel like you just took a weeklong vacation to the Caribbean.

Score 16-24 points?…Cruise Controller. Your stress levels are in the middle as you have a ton on your plate and are sometimes not able to get to everything. When the going gets tough, you get tougher and can come out of any marketing situation alive. Consider partnering with National Strategies PR to help relieve some of the tension that you have and watch your marketing initiatives rise even higher.

Score 24+ points?…Marketing Hot-Shot. Not only do you know what to do but you have the passion and the pizzazz to get it done with enthusiasm. You’ve got the process down and are excited for the challenge. Ready to amp up your marketing results even further? Consider outsourcing initiatives to National Strategies PR and enjoy exceeding the goals that you have set.

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